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Belting for pop/singing “in the mix” demo. Online Singing Lessons Client Lio Nicol’s story (Pop Singing – 52 second)

Whistle Register demo and testimonial. A signed K-Pop artist scouted from her YouTube page after 7 months of lessons with Ellie, Kate Kim Weighs in on voice lessons with Ellie

GRAMMY winning drummer Billy Ray hooks me up with a testimonial!


Voice & Singing Lessons with NYC teaching jazz artist Eleonor England

Pop, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Theatre, Classical, Indie, K-Pop, C-Pop and more

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Welcome to the Teaching and Mentoring Site of Teaching Jazz Artist Eleonor England

Ellie has been teaching and mentoring up and coming and established singers for nearly 20 years.  She is based out of NYC in midtown Manhattan area but also keeps up her California and worldwide students and mentees with trips to California 3x yearly as well a online and Skype sessions.   In her programs, students and mentees get technique voice and singing lessons, vocal coaching in singing and spoken word, and career advice on how to best get themselves out there and connect with audience and people who do the hiring of performers (including getting scouted by TV shows ike the Voice or American Idol, Superstar K, Super Idol, K-Pop Star; getting hired by venues and private parties, etc).  Genres include jazz, blues, R&B, US Pop, KPop, CPop, rock, nujazz, indie, folk, singer-songwriter and others.

Jazz and classical artists also often take on the role of teachers and mentors for classical and jazz but also many other genres.  When Ellie started her vocal training in singing (in classical at age 10), she was indoctrinated into this old-school mentality and she takes her role as teacher and mentor seriously in the true manner of old-school jazz performers.  Jazz players play on a lot, if not most, of the majour recordings in the industry – be it pop, rock, indie, funk, jazz, blues, R&B, or whatever.  But they also largely take on the role of passing on knowledge to the next generation, to beginners and lay people, and to artists in other genres where maybe the training is not as hard core. Ellie is right now pioneering a new way to mentor singers more effectively based on her experience with her students who achieved “success” with a multi-faceted approach – Semester Studies (aka: Total Vocal Program) (last date for Autumn enrollment is Sunday 24 Sept)

Ellie’s students’ and menteess’ accomplishments are her resume.  Although she doesn’t solicit “star” students and mentees, a remarkable number of her beginning singing lessons students and mentees have gone on to win awards and nominations locally and internationally. Here are, past and present, some of Ellie’s singing lessons students’ and mentees’ accomplishments during or after they were in the program with Ellie, online through Skype or in person in California and NYC (for more click here):

Awards Wins/Nominations

  • GRAMMY’s (Hollywood, CA)
  • Los Angeles Music Awards (Hollywood, CA)
  • San Diego Music Awards (San Diego, CA)
  • Hollywood Artist In Music Awards (Hollywood, CA)
  • Chinese Music Awards in Canto-Pop and Mando-Pop (China)
  • Golden SAIL Music Awards (Hong Kong)
  • International Blues Challenge Regional Winner (Southern California winner – went to Memphis to compete in National stage)

Successful Auditions for TV talent shows

  • Superstar K (K-Pop’s biggest and most popular TV talent show – competed on show)
  • The Voice Hong Kong (Canto-pop client hosted for a season)
  • Super Idol (Mandarin-Pop in Taiwan) 2nd place winner for season
  • American Idol Golden Ticket winner (US American Idol, Hollywood)

Hits/Charting/Song Placements

  • 2 Top ten albums certified  by sales (Canto-pop, Chinese language market)
  • #1 charting song certified by sales (Canto-pop, Chinese language market)
  • #10 charting song certified by sales (Canto-pop, Chinese language market)
  • MTV Real World sing placement (multiple seasons, multiple songs)
  • MTV Fresh Meat song placement
  • Feature Film Song placement

(for more singing lessons clients’ and mentees’ accomplishments, click here):

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Congratulations to Los Angeles singing lessons client, recording artist Lio Nicol on her very first music video, a new take on Leonard Cohen’s iconic tune Hallelujah. Her originals are great, as well! She took Skype online singing and voice lessons as well as in-person singing lessons in San Diego. Check out her great pop belt, growl, and whistle range (flute/flageolet range) work on this tune. Couldn’t be prouder of her work. (video) Remember to subscribe too her Youtube channel and FAN her on Facebook!

Congratulations to Kate Kim (김지연) from San Francisco (link), K-pop/television
Ellie’s San Francisco student and K-pop diva Kate Kim was recently scouted from her YouTube channel and flown to Seoul, Korea to be in Korea’s and K-pop’s largest and most popular singing talent show called Superstar K (슈퍼스타 K),(website).  Check out her YouTube Channel to see her demos and follow her for her latest vids! Or visit out K-pop/Canto-Pop/Mando-Pop singing lessons info page on this site!  One of Ellie’s specialties is in the big voices needed for the East Asian pop markets (KPop, CantoPop, and MandoPop)

Stay Tuned: Ellie’s new CD is in the works!

Congratulations to Aoede, Indie/Singer-Songwriter
Ellie’s San Francisco student Aoede was nominated for a Grammy at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles! Yes, THOSE Grammys! We’re a bit late in posting this but happy belated Grammy nomination to SF singing lessons student Aoede!

Congratulations to American Idol Contestant Karl, US pop/television
Ellie’s San Francisco singing lessons student Karl fought through three auditions and won a “Golden Ticket” from American Idol.  They flew him to scenic Hollywood for the final televised American Idol audition.  Super fun – congrats, Karl!

Congratulations to Taipei R&B singer and “Super Idol” Second-Place Winner, Signed Recording Artist Hawawa Yang (超偶3 楊蒨時) (links: China US) Congratulations to Ellie’s Mando-pop client Hawawa on winning second place in the popular Taiwan franchise TV talent show, Super Idol!  She is now living the life of a signed artist in Taipei, Taiwan.

Congratulations to Indie Recording Artist Aeode on her GRAMMY Nomination (link), pop/indie/folk A former singing lessons client in San Francisco from 2001 who Ijust heard was nominated for a freaken GRAMMY Award.  KILLING it!   In 2012, she also won TWO 2012 Artists In Music awardsAlbum of the Year and Best Folk/Acoustic Act.  She also won at the LA Music Awards for Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year.  I am proud of her and her accomplishments since the time we had singing lessons in San Francisco.  Visit her site to hear her music, see her videos and buy her music!  She’s very Artisty, which is something I’m suer proud of.

Congratulations to multi-platinum Recording Artist and International Super Star Prudence Liew (劉美君, 刘美君) (links: ChinaUS) Who is recording a new English-language CD.  She took singing lessons and voice coaching in San Francisco from Ellie in maybe 2008 in preparation for a majour release concert at the Hong Kong coliseum (13,000 seats, people!).  Well, she killed it and sold those shows out and has been taking home awards an nominations since then including: CASH Golden Sail Music Awards (2008), Golden Horse Awards (2008), Hong Kong Film Awards (2009), Ming Pao Weekly Magazine Awards (2009), and Chinese Music Awards (2008, 2009 & 2010). I can’t remember if she is  12- or 16-time platinum-selling artist (I’d hafta Google that which I’m wayyy too lazy to do) but these days she has leveraged her successful Canto-Pop (and subsequent Mando-Pop) CD success into becoming one of the most well-respected film actresses in the Chinese language film industry.  She’s also an amazing person.

Congratulations to Indie Recording Artist Lio Nicol (link), country/pop  Who was my student during her time in San Diego and also via Skype during her move to LA.  On her final session of vocal training in San Diego prior to going into Skype lessons, we got her hitting a high G (G6 – that’s the second G from the top of the piano for those of you watching at home ;)), in the so-called “whistle register”.  She pivoted fom country to pop and moved to Los Angeles where she has popped out an awesome CD.  Srsly.  Listen to Take Me Away on her SoundCloud which I really like a LOT.  She can sing circles around what she needs to do in that tune, but an artist uses their skill judiciously to communicate the song and I just love this tune and her tastefulness in it.  Another really kind and wonderful person, as well.  Makes a girl feel pretty good about her success!

Congratulations to Jazz Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Vocal Instructor Neha Jiwrajka (link), jazz
We worked in San Francisco generally for a pretty long time and then on her auditions for grad school. She made the audition for jazz voice at the graduate level at both New England Conservatory of Music and the Manhattan School of Music.  Ellie’s students have a 96% admittance rate to the school, conservatory, or musical theater “part” of their choice after a year of study – this goes for classical, jazz, or musical theater.  Neha eventually went to New England Conservatory in jazz voice and then got a gig in Manhattan, NY As a Metropolitan Opera Guild Teaching Artist!  She gives singing lessons so check out her site if you wanna – she’s solid on technique and jazz skills as well as other genres!

Congratulations to student Steve Bulger and 145th Street Blues Band (link), hard-driving blues …on their recently-released 2nd album Where The Blues Live  (nominated by the 2012 San Diego Music Awards as Blues Album of the Year)! It’s a great CD!  The also WON the regional International Blues Challenge for Southern California and went on to compete in Memphis, TN against some of the best blues acts in the country!  Also see their gig page for upcoming blues shows (popup).  I have been Steve’s voice coach and given him singing lessons for a number of years in San Diego.

Ellie recently named one of the top voices in jazz …worldwide by French jazz writer and publisher. Maximillien J De Lafayette. I am amazingly flattered! Thanks so much!

Congratulations to Recording Artist Tracy Johnson in San Francisco (link), indie/pop/singer-songwriter …on her 2012 EP (sound samples) Sometimes Love is Fire which will be her 3rd release – or buy it on iTunes. Also, congrats on having her song “Old Enough To Know Better” on the TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“.  Her 2nd cd “Dreams in Cold Weather” was featured on MTV’s “Real World Laguna Beach” and “Real World Denver” plus the film “Winter of Frozen Dreams”. She was the L.A. Music Awards‘ “Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year” and has also been a San Diego Music Award nominee for “Best Pop Album“.  I am really proud of Tracy – she is an awesome artist and person and I am so proud to have given her singing lessons and been her voice coach in San Diego!  ADDED: OK I can’t even keep up with Tracy’s song placements.  She just got a bunch more.  I dunno if it is through her manager who also managed Jewel or some other thing but her songs are reallllllly popular with TV and movie producers!  Check her FB page for the latest!

New York City Voice & Singing Lessons with Eleonor England

(I come to SF and SD 3x/yr too so!)

  • Bel Canto and traditional method of singing lessons and voice coaching for all styles including pop, jazz & rock
  • I have a great track record of singing lessons and voice coaching student achievement in blues, jazz, rock & classical – both with in person and online singing lessons.
  • Voice & Singing Lessons with a singing/voice instructor trained in classical, belting, and jazz (and a listeners and teacher of many other genres!)
  • Vocal injury recovery for many singing lessons students,
  • Special programs in vocal coaching:
    • jazz singing lessons, phrasing & improvisation — Blues vocals
    • singing lessons for singers who sing while playing an instrument
    • injury recovery
    • singing lessons to fine tuning the highly-trained voice
    • “tone deafness recovery” for many singing lessons students
  • Alexander Technique-compatible approach to singing lessons and voice coaching for a free singing voice
  • Singing lessons and voice coaching for a better, fuller sound with less effort
  • Locations in Manhattan, New York City; San Francisco; and San Diego:
    • San Diego: La Jolla at Girard and Torrey Pines Road
    • Manhattan, New York City: 223 W 38th Street Unit 386 New York NY 10018 – this is our mailing address – the teching space is a block from here.
    • San Francisco, CA: 1011C Shotwell Street 94110
    • Online singing lessons given by video chat programs (Skype, Oovoo, etc)
  • Vocal and singing lessons and instruction for the professional vocalist
  • Beginners singing lessons students always welcome by a patient and empathetic voice coach in Manhattan, New York City – online Skype singing & voice lessons are also available.

Talk to Ellie about in New York City Singing Lessons, and voice lessons and singing coaching in Manhattan, San Diego and San Francisco! Online Skype Singing & Voice lessons are also available!

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Mailing address: 520 8th Ave 17th floor, New York, N 10018 – Manhattan location, appointment necessary.