Singing and Voice Lessons in New York, NY with Ellie

Lessons are available in New York City year-round. Previously, Ellie was teaching in NYC three times yearly and on Skype year round but starting May 2015, lessons are available throughout each week in person.

Ellie teaches voice and singing lessons out of New York City’s Ripley-Grier Studios located at 520 Eighth Avenue (Bet. 36th & 37th Streets) 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018.  Three “short” blocks from Penn Station.

Other locations are available as well including the National Opera Center (330 7th Ave @ 29th Street), also three “short” blocks from Penn Station.

Room numbers vary but you will be sent your room number within a day of booking. =)



To enroll: please visit our online scheduler and select NYC Ellie