Private Singing Lessons vs Classes – Telling the Difference Between NYC Singing Instruction

Private Singing Lessons NYC

Private Singing Lessons vs Classes

There are a lot of ways to learn how to sing in NYC – and everywhere else, for that matter.  Sometimes people are a bit confused about the terms class vs lessons.

When you see the term “Private Singing Lessons” – NYC or wherever – what they usually mean is one-on-one private lessons with just you and the teacher.  That’s different than a class which is a group.  Many people are kinda shy about their singing when they are starting off and that’s where private singing lessons can come in – and that’s what I most often give in NYC and online; private singing lessons, one-on-one with the student.

Private singing lessons are often given out at colleges and universities based on if you already have some singing skills and at the college/uni they generally want you to go to a group class to get the point where you can qualify for private singing lessons at the school.  But another route to go is to start with private singing lessons with an off-campus teacher to prepare for the group thing.  And of course, if you are not at college/uni, then private singing lessons are a good way to get some skills in a one-on-one way without being in a group at first.

Now, singing with friends and meeting people in group situations is amazing!  I mean, really amazing!  And that is why I like to try to arrange my private singing students meet each other and, when they are ready, try some fun duets with each other.  Sometimes you guys can split a “private singing lesson” time together to get together and try that.  Recitals and other performance opportunities are another good way to start to meet the rest of my clients who take the private lessons.  Singing friends are lifelong friends, usually.

Well, I hope that cleared up some of the differences between a class and a private singing lesson – which we have in New York, NY or online (or in CA when I’m out there a few times yearly).