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Ellie offers online singing and vocal lessons now through Skype, Oovoo, Facetime, and other video feed apps!  Ellie has been giving online voice lessons through Skype and other platforms since around 2008.  Her online singing students are from all over the United States, Europe, and Asia and sing in a variety of style including jazz, pop, Canto-pop, rock, K-pop, indie, classical, blues, spoken word, and more.

To schedule and online voice lesson, hit the scheduler and select your time zone and it will show you what’s open in your home time zone! (WHAAAA????)

What you’ll need to do an online voice or singing lesson:

Skype (app or go to

Laptop, desktop, or tablet with a way to adjust the screen angle (large smart phones can work if you have something to adjust the angle of your screen – the other options will give you better results though)

Very fast WIFI connection or (preferably) a hard wire connection to the internet.


About tablets and phones: You can handle it briefly to adjust the angle but there should be something for it to lie on at an angle without spending too much time fixing it constantly throughout the online lesson.  I suggest you go on Amazon and look for adjustable phone holders or adjustable tablet holders.  I have both this one and this one and they are awesome – mainly because they have many different angles and not just a couple. Placing your phone or tablet on the screen of your laptop and adjusting the laptop screen angle also works for online singing lessons.

About Computers: If your computer is less than maybe 4 years old, the microphone and webcam should be sufficient.  If you want to get the most improvement in your audio quality for online voice lessons, the Yeti USB microphone by Blue is pretty decent for voice or singing lessons, but maybe not the quality you would want to do serious voice recording for like a cd or something.

What if you hate Skype? Other platforms that work for online singing and voice lessons are: Oovoo, Facetime, and Google Video Chat.



Terms: Same terms as all voice lessons with a 48 hour cancellation policy for singly bought singing or voice lessons sessions. With less notice, credit is lost. Once a voice or singing lesson is paid, it must be taken or made up if cancelled with enough notice – no refunds, sorry. Already blew the dinero on Stuff I’d Rather Not Talk About.  If you have technical difficulty, you will be afforded an opportunity to make up the lost time at no additional cost.

To book a singing lesson or vocal coaching session in NYC or via Skype use the online scheduler (popup). Or feel free to call or text (phone number is listed on the online scheduler – click the BOOK NOW button above)!  =)



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