Services for Beginners through Pro

Private Voice & Singing Lessons in 40- and 55-minute lengths for beginning, intermediate or advanced singers of nearly all ages. Special programs for kids (click here). Private and occasional groups are offered and students can choose the genre (style) and consult with the instructor to come up with songs that will be used that are skill-level-appropriate. I teach students in practically all genres – my emphasis tends to be good technique first of all and second of all not allowing good technique to sidetrack you from being a good performer (it can – if you allow it to dominate your mind and I teach with an eye out for that). I use different coursework for each student. Follow these links for a brief description of each:

Some things that are covered are the basics of voice use for singing or speaking including basic breathing techniques, posture based in Alexander Technique, etc. Most clients will see an increase in tone (the quality of your voice) the first meeting and may experience an increase in range as well either then or during the first few weeks of training. It is suggested highly that beginners meet weekly to ensure good progress is made.

Intermediate and more advanced students are also accepted and working with professionals and/or very advanced voices for fine-tuning is a specialty area available through this studio.

Pitch problems are a common thing in beginners and are usually Nothing To Worry About. Pitch (“singing in tune”) is generally improved through the process of normal vocal training although in certain cases pitch training can be necessary and I have special exercises and techniques for that.

Beginners are welcome to come in for one lesson and see if it’s a good scene for them. If so, it is most helpful for them to take at least 12 lessons and the 12 week packages are set up for this length. Coming regularly is important to this type of student though.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be the first voice teacher for a singer and it gives me an opportunity to set up the basics in a really solid way. Beginners, although they typically perceive that some teachers will not work with them because of their inexperience, are (in MY opinion , anyway) one of the easiest groups to work with because they often lack bad habits and because you do not have to undo any problems that are sometimes caused by some types of voice training. I love beginners and they are always welcome here.

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